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Always Excellent
Everything exceeds expectations.
Continued excellence
Today's visit was a routine checkup, cleaning, with monitoring of some past work. The follow-up and continuity was top-rate. And also resulted to a referral to a periodontist with an abundance of caution and due diligence. I've been going here for perhaps 23 years
beyond my expectations
Today I had a front tooth restored to its "full potential" by Dr. Broadways expert skill at dentistry. I've been a patient of the practice for over 15 years and haven't had that much restorative work done. The front of this tooth was changed with time and when Dr. Broadway said it was time to repair it, I had some concern for my smile not being what it was. Instead, I feel like got my best smile back! Thank you to Dr. Broadway for such skill, kindness and professionalism in my dental care!
Top-Notch Dentist and Staff
Dr. Broadway and the entire staff are outstanding...knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient. I am so happy that I found them@
Excellent care always. My dentist of many years in SF retired, and I am grateful to the good friend who recommended Dr. Broadway. Couldn't ask for anything more!
The BESTEST of Best
When was the last time your dentist called you the day after a procedure to see how you were feeling?!