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Wonderful Care
Another visit with Dr. Shari to get my deep cleaning done. As usual she was amazing! I always leave the office feeling very satisfied. Dr. Shari and her entire staff are all very accommodating, friendly, helpful and most important compassionate. Once you go to this office, I promise you will never want to go to another dentist office.
As much fun as you can have in a dental office
Back for my second root canal. Most fun I've had with 2 pairs of hands in my mouth. Dr. Mike and Dr. Shari are super gentle,friendly and patient, as are Amanda, Melissa, Bree, Cindy, CJ and all the staff. It's nearly like visiting friends. Their offices are cozy and elegant. All have been meticulous and thorough. About as painless and fun as you can get ............ in a dental visit. Dr. Mike even performed some of my requested (uncovered) precedures at very reasonable cost. I've been "
Janet Delavan - Patient
I have always been very pleased having Dr. Mike Fife and Dr. Sheri Fife take care of all my dental needs.
Wonderful Care
Arriving at my appointment today with Dr. Shari, i was so kindly greeted by Brittney. In this world of craziness, my husband and i continue to receive excellent care! Dr. Shari is one of the most wonderful people i have ever met in my life, she is always kind, compassionate and loving and always has a special place in my heart.
Dr. Mike, his wife Sherry and their amazing staff continue to provide me and my husband with the best dental experiences we have ever had. Every single member of the staff is very knowledgeable of any questions or advice you have. The knowledge, patience, kindness and most of all their compassion is what keeps us coming back. My husband and i will be moving out of state soon, but we will returning to Sacramento for of dental appointments. Oh, did i mention the best holiday decorated office yo
Always great service!