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Craftsman Dental Care
Dr, Michael Fife and Dr. Shari Fife have provided me with excellent dental Care for many years. Dr. Michael Fife was highly recommended for dental implants and my first treatments were very successful. Everyone in the office is welcoming and the office surroundings are very pleasing. Dr. Shari and other hygienists are thorough and informing. The whole experience is the best.
Reason to smile
Dr. Mike, Dr. Sherry and all their staff are wonderful. They are professional, friendly, and sensitive to people like me who really hate to go to the dentist. I have been a patient for 15 years, and whether it is routine cleanings or more significant dental issues, they always provide excellent care.
Craftsman dental
You know I love coming to see all Dr. Mike's helpers. Best dental office i have been too
Great Job!
Craftmans Dental Care is a great place to go. I started a implant on 4/23/19 and went back to work the next da.y
Dental Emergency
An unexpected ‘tooth crises’ isn’t fun and when it happens before a holiday—-when you thought you’d have a gleaming smile for family photos—it can be alarming. Dr. Mike and his staff made it possible for me to get treated in time to enjoy my holiday plans.