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100% of our patients rate us four & above!
The BEST dentist! Professional and courteous! I highly recommend!
Great is all I can say. Have been going for about 19 years and they have been there for my husband and I. They are like family. Thank you all.
Great Office for Dental Care
Dr. Mike is my dentist and he has done an EXCELLENT job of replacing seemingly impossible bridges! I am very happy with his work and also the general atmosphere of this office. Everyone is so pleasant and welcoming! Love the holiday decorations and also the overhead DVDs! It's almost fun to have dental work done!!!
Best dental care anywhere!!
Coming here is like a family cost. Everyone is kind and caring! I was terrified of going to the dentist untilI came to Craftsman Dental. Dr Mikeand Shari Fife have been my dentists for 23 years.. BEST CARE ANYWHERE!!
Awesome experience
Amazing is an understatement!
#1 Team!
I've been a happy patient at Craftsman Dental for over 10 years. Dr. Shari, Dr. Fife, Melissa, Bree, and Amanda are THE BEST. The team continually provides outstanding customer service and impeccable work. I now live in San Francisco and won't trust anyone else with my teeth. I've had cleanings, cavity fillings, TMJ issues, braces, and retainers all with successful outcomes through Craftsman Dental. They're knowledgeable and treat their customers with the utmost respect and care. Thank you!