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100% of our patients rate us four & above!
Love the good work!
I have always been greeted by a friendly and caring staff. Both Dr Howe and Dr Straitts are excellent dentists.
A Very Happy Customer
Cailyn did a wonderful job with my clean and check. The office itself is modern, upbeat and beautifully updated. Nice music and HGTV while I’m in my chair. Pretty hard to beat that.
Thanks again!
Many thanks Dr. Howe & crew for another great job!
Painful Tooth
Very kind and professional, addressed the problem immediately and came up with a treatment plan.
Great fast service again!
Thanks Dr. Howe and Shawna for quick service on my teeth. You guys did a lot in a short time!
New Dentist
Thanking our daughter for such a good referral for a dentist. Both dentist are great and staff is wonderful. This was just what we were looking for. If looking for a dentist sure hope you will try the office of Dr Brian Howe in Newark or his Mt Vernon office. You will be glad you did!